We are a ‘pledge to buy, pledge to supply’ platform designed to help you prove that there is a demand for the greener products and services you long for. And we reward you - business and consumer alike - for buying and selling better.

The Our Pledge platform is in beta and will be launching with a local campaign this month. Watch this space or register here for updates.

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We know what it’s like

You can see that the world is in a mess, but what can you do? Sign a petition? Join a march? Dash off an angry tweet? Or pop another pizza in and watch some more Strictly? WHO KNOWS, RIGHT?

We get it. That’s why we found a way to use the power in your pocket to turn pounds into eco-pledges; pledges that translate into traceable, real life changes that you can see.

The process is simple:

  1. Identify the change you want to see (reduce plastic straws, source locally grown vegetables, offer a vegan option)

  2. Launch a campaign and agree a target (follow our pilot campaign here)

  3. Work with Our Pledge to persuade customers to commit to spending money at the business IF the change is made

Once the target is met the business receives the money and issues vouchers, which customers can exchange when they next shop. After the campaign is finished the good vibes continue, as pledgers:

  • Get benefits like early notification of new eco friendly products, tasting sessions or last minute deals

  • Offer insights to that business so that they can continue to progress their green ambition

  • Become part of an eco-community both around the business, and as part of the wider Our Pledge community

We turn would-be petitions into positive agreements. We convert frustration into loyalty whilst affecting positive change. We harness the passion that lies behind protest and turn it into valuable market research.

We help you make a difference. We prove that you are not alone.

If all this sounds like something you’d like more of in your life, click here to register your interest or your ideas.


Got an idea for a Campaign?

Got An Idea For A Campaign?

We are currently accepting proposals from customers and businesses for campaign ideas to run during our pilot phase. Let’s talk…


Here’s founder Rachael Castell to give you a little more insight into what we’re trying to do at Our Pledge.

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In this beautifully animated clip from Dirt! The Movie, Wangari Maathai tells an inspiring tale of doing the best you can under seemingly interminable odds. Join us at www.DirtTheMovie.org

** NB Our Pledge is currently in R&D so everything you read here is work in progress **