The Pledge card 

This is the Our Pledge secret sauce, a loyalty card scheme that rewards pledgers and encourages them to continue to shop ethically.

Here’s how it works:

  • Everyone who engages with an Our Pledge campaign is issued with a digital Our Pledge card. Simply by owning this card, you will become part of a network of ethically responsible businesses who will give you a discount based purely on your initial kind act of support.

  • If you support a campaign that is then successful, you will be rewarded with 25 Our Pledge points. These can be exchanged for special offers at participating Our Pledge restaurants.

  • Further down the line, we envisage Our Pledge points could be traded with other Our Pledge users, potentially echoing local currency schemes, or as a digital LETS scheme.

  • By creating a network of card-holders, we also offer businesses a ready and willing customer base to call on for:

    • market research

    • last minute giveaways

    • pop-ups

    • testimonials

    • necessary protests