Compostable Carrier Bags

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We need commitments for purchases of 12500 bags in order to get this price. (If more shops pledge to buy, that cost will decrease.)

Purchase using the voucher below and join other shops in E11 ditching plastic bags for compostable alternatives. By buying together in bulk, we are able to reduce the price from £69.60 for a case of 500 bags to £62.50 (or from 14p/bag to 12.5p).

These bags are fully home compostable and suitable for use in food waste bins. Instructions for disposal are printed on the side.

OUR GOAL · £1,500.00


END DATE · June 30, 2021

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OurPledge is a pledge-to-buy, pledge-to-supply platform bringing every day, plastic-free alternatives to local shops, cafes and restaurants through pre-sale vouchers. We take on the market and supplier research, as well as wading through the greenwash to make sure all recommended products have the required credentials to make them as positive for the environment as possible.

We are undergoing a green transition. It needs to happen faster. We think that by using existing economic systems like shopping… we’ll catalyse the process! We believe in supporting positive behavioural change one step at a time.

On 1 April 2021 the government introduced its new 10p plastic bag tax. We commend this! It’s a good idea. However, no provision has been made to support retailers in managing a transition from freely providing plastic bags to charging customers 10p per carrier. Many customers don’t know that the bag tax is in place, or aren’t used to bringing their own. This means that the need to provide an alternative rests on the business owner and many of us don’t want to keep contributing to the plastic waste that is so polluting. Therefore, OurPledge has sourced a viable alternative for the interim in these home-compostable bags.

As you may know, these bags aren’t cheap. But costs come down when buying in bulk. That’s why we are running our own campaign to find like-minded business owners who will pledge to buy compostable bags from us. Together we can get the price down and support the planet.

Each voucher is for a single pack of 500 carrier bags.

There is no limit to the number of packs that you can order. If we go over our target, there is a chance that the bags will become even cheaper, we will let you know if this happens.