Sustainable Travel: what, when and how?

Learn more from our event & guide!

This year we teamed up with No Fly Travel Club to do a dive into the topic of sustainable travel.


We ran a pledge campaign to assess demand for various options from virtual tours to international experiences, doing research in real time against the backdrop of the pandemic. Virtual tours came out on top giving Founder Catherine a clearer idea of where to focus her attention in the coming months, as well as raising £1500 towards sustaining the business.


We also co-hosted an event looking at sustainable travel out of which we created a guide for anyone hoping to see more of the world sustainably even as restrictions remain in place.


As a result of this work, we put together this Sustainable Travel Guide.


For more information on No Fly Travel Club you can visit: or find them at @noflytravelclub on instagram.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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JOINT MEMBERSHIP & DEPOSIT PACKAGE FOR TWO. Valid for trips over £1000PP, including Tuscany and Mallorca. 

Pay £398 in exchange for:

  • Free joint annual membership for two worth £149
  • 2 x deposit vouchers worth up to £507 each. Valid for booking within 18 months, towards any trip over £1000pp departing within 2 years of purchase.
  • Keep dates flexible until you’re ready to travel and save up to 15% on the total trip cost. Full balance payable 42 days before you travel.

JOINT MEMBERSHIP AND DEPOSIT PACKAGE. Valid for Loire Valley Wine Weekend.   

Pay £240 in exchange for:

  • Free joint annual membership for two, worth £149
  • 2 x deposit vouchers worth £170 each, valid for booking within 18 months, towards Loire Valley Wine Weekend trips departing within 2 years of purchase.
  • Keep dates flexible until you’re ready to travel, and save 10% on the total trip cost. Full balance payable 42 days before you travel.

Discounted single annual membership.

Pay £39.50 to receive:

  • a single membership worth £79, entitling you to a discount of 5% off all trips along with other member perks.

General Virtual Tour Voucher.

Virtual tours are a way to connect with people and places all around the world from the comfort of your living room. They allow you to support tour guides and tourism professionals who are struggling at the moment, and may not have any support in place. Our tours are live, so you can talk with your guide and ask them any questions you might have!

Join any of our virtual tours and explore from your living room! One voucher per device, so you’re welcome to join with your family!

Destinations include:

Kathmandu: Culture & Women’s Empowerment

Join Sunita to explore the heart of Kathmandu’s world heritage area. Understand every day life in Kathmandu, and learn what it’s like to work as a Nepalese woman in the travel industry.

Prague: Discover the most beautiful places

Join Sunita to explore the heart of Kathmandu’s world heritage area. Understand every day life in Kathmandu, and learn what it’s like to work as a Nepalese woman in the travel industry.

Toronto: Street Art Tour

Join graffiti expert Jason on a live tour through the famous “Graffiti Alley” in Toronto, Canada. Jason will use his background in anthropology and cultural studies to explain the history and role of graffiti in an urban setting.

Vienna: Opera Tour

Join Daniel and Wolfi on a musical tour of Vienna. Explore some of the city’s most famous cultural spots, with accompanying performances from live opera singers.

Kericho/Nairobi: Life on a Tea Plantation

Join Florence at her family home to learn about every day life in the tea plantations of Kenya’s highlands. Hear about Florence’s experiences growing up, studying and becoming a tour guide.

New Delhi: Culture, Markets & Street Art

See a side of Delhi you might never find for yourself. Join Komal to explore vibrant markets and street-art neighbourhoods, and learn about their cultural significance and value.

New Delhi: Indian Cooking Experience – Masala Cai

Join Komal in a step by step cooking experience. She will show us how to cook an authentic Masala Cai while answering your questions about India itself, the kitchen, the culture and anything else!

Lima: Peruvian cooking experience – ceviche

Want to learn how Peruvians cook? There is no place like home to start. Join Tito and Theresa to learn how traditional ceviche is prepared, and the role food plays in Peruvian society.

Paris: Montmartre Explorer

Walk the famous cobblestones to discover where Renoir, Van Gogh and Picasso lived and which places influenced their famous works. Plus, hear how today’s young creatives are keeping the area’s spirit alive.

Support Vouchers.

Pay £10, £25, £50, £100 or any combination of these amounts and help to support us in our mission!

  • All vouchers are redeemable for any membership or towards a trip deposit.

For further information on all trips and No Fly Travel Club, please visit

Thank you for your support!

No Fly Travel Club is a new tour operator and membership club, creating sustainable overland trips for adventurous travellers. 

After Covid-19, people spent a lot of time thinking about the need to slow down and consider their impact more seriously:

– 40% of Brits and 69% of Europeans say they want to reduce the number of flights they take, but few want to stop travelling. 

To make a difference, we need an option that allows us to do both – not just to reduce our flights but also to provide travel experiences that are as good or even better as a result! That’s why I set up No Fly Travel Club. 

We work directly with local suppliers to show guests what an amazing experience travelling overland can be. We will provide an easy and financially secure option for travellers. Through us, you can book trips that are low carbon and give back to local people, while also offering opportunities to connect with your destination through activities that would be hard to organise independently.

We know others are interested in travelling this way too, but as international travel looks uncertain, we need your support to help prove this concept in the future. 

By pledging to be one of our first travellers, you will help to fund our set up costs, including financial protection for customers. This will allow us to be here and ready for travel when it returns, and guarantees you a sustainable, memorable trip at a discounted rate when you’re ready.

You will also be part of the development of our business, providing valuable feedback to improve the experiences, reviews to build trust in the brand and financial support that enables us to continue working on this new kind of travel. 

We love travel, and we believe it has the power to bring positive change, but to do so it has to be bold and different. We are launching a new travel concept, offering trips to UK travellers which use only overland transport. We work only with trusted, sustainable & local partners.

We believe the way we travel at the moment can’t continue. Aviation is responsible for approximately 3.5% of our contribution to global warming, even with only 20% of the world having ever taken a flight. Beyond aviation, travel can also generate a massive social and environmental impact in terms of plastic waste, exploitation and the destruction of both urban and rural environments. 

We know that there is a better way, a way which benefits destinations, local people and their visitors. We are fully self-funded, so with travel still looking uncertain our future depends on proving future demand for trips like this. 

When holidays abroad return, we want to be here – ready and waiting to provide responsible trip options to our conscious travel community. If this campaign is successful, we will be able to:

1) Set up our payment protection scheme, so that customers can confidently book a trip with us, knowing their money is safe in case of cancellation. 

2) Ensure that we have all the necessary insurances, licenses and protocols in place to give our travellers full confidence in our service. 

3) Continue our development of exciting overland trips ready for when travel returns.

You’ll find details of pledge options above – whether you’d like to pledge to book a trip with us once travel returns, or pledge to become a member and support our work. 

Where can I see trip details?

Trips details and prices are available here – you’re welcome to check them before pledging to travel or contribute!

How long is my voucher valid for?

Vouchers are valid for booking within 18 months of purchase. If restrictions on travel persist, we will look at extending this booking period, but we hope this will not be necessary. 

How do I confirm my trip?

When you’re ready to travel, please email to book your trip, giving details of the voucher you have purchased and the trip + dates you would like to book. At this stage you can review the trip details and ask any further questions you may have.  The remaining balance for your trip will be due 42 days before the date of departure. You can also pay in installments spread over a period of time. 

What if I can’t travel?

By buying a voucher, you are not buying a trip. Vouchers can be kept until you feel comfortable travelling, in order to minimise the chance of needing to cancel. 

Once you have used your voucher and decided on the dates to travel, our normal (flexible) cancellation policy will apply. This can be found at our website, here:

If you can’t use your voucher within 18 months due to external travel restrictions, we will extend the validity of the voucher. You can also transfer your voucher to another person. The vouchers however are not refundable. 

Is my voucher financially protected in case of insolvency?

By purchasing through Our Pledge, you are buying a voucher, not a holiday. Your voucher will not therefore be eligible for financial protection. However, once you confirm your trip any further funds you pay towards the remaining balance will be fully protected in line with the package travel regulations, to be returned to you in case of our insolvency. 

I often travel alone, can I buy a voucher just for me?

Yes – you are welcome to book a joint deposit voucher for yourself. You can decide at the point of booking whether to go with someone else, or on your own. The remaining balance will be updated accordingly. Single supplements apply. 

No Fly Travel Club curates sustainable trips for adventurous souls. Trips that reduce your impact, give back to your destinations and leave you with once in a lifetime memories. We are looking to spread the message of sustainable travel to as many travellers as possible, while ensuring we take all the necessary steps to protect our customers and suppliers in these unpredictable times.