Plastic Free Patisserie!

This campaign is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign! We’ll see you in the cafe soon 🙂



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Support our campaign to reduce plastic and our environmental impact by selecting vouchers from the list.

We are really aware of sustainability and have always been interested in doing our bit for the environment whether that be for low plastic packaging or our tasty vegan treats! We are now looking to expand the range of environmentally friendly products that we offer and so we would love you to show your support for our new products by pre-paying for them to prove demand! Vouchers that prepay for particular products offer greater discounts as these help us to prove demand for our new range of eco-products.

Your pledges will help us to prove demand for our new range of eco reusable cups and plastic free party products. With your help we hope to:

  1. Remove/reduce the need for single use cups by encouraging people to bring their own cups when possible
  2. Stock plastic free party decorations for all of your party needs. All decorations will be FSC certified.

With your help we can reduce our plastic waste and make our patisserie a happier, more sustainable place. Your support will also help us at this difficult time.

Each voucher will only be redeemable once the campaign is complete and then for up to 6 months after the campaign closing date. You can use your voucher across several purchases so there is no need to redeem it all at once.

For more information on OurPledge voucher redemption please see our FAQs.

We are increasingly concerned about plastic pollution and the erosion of natural habitats, but it can be very difficult to know what to do about it.

Therefore we are working with OurPledge to find out from customers what changes we can make in the shop. Following our survey earlier this year, we have been researching plastic free party products! As well as reusable cups for your takeaway coffee needs – more and more essential in these changing times.

With your help, we want to reduce our plastic footprint but at the same time, we want to expand our business to become your go to plastic free party provider, making delicious bespoke cakes and creating plastic free party packages for all your celebration needs! This requires a bit of outlay on our part and some encouragement from our customers. That is why we are asking you to pledge.

Dolce is an independent patisserie set up in Leytonstone in September 2019. Dolce aims to bring high quality, environmentally-friendly and of course tasty paterisee to East London; inspired by Simona’s fond childhood memories of growing up in Italy.