From Convenience Store to Zero Waste Haven

Funded via an OurPledge campaign!

Read how Adrienne and Okan went from running a small convenience store with 7 refill stations, to opening an entire 3-room zero waste haven with the support of their customers. Facilitated by OurPledge 🙂

Stone Mini Market Case Study by OurPledge

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Stone Mini Market is a market for the local community of Leytonstone. In 2019, we ran our first successful campaign on OurPledge which allowed us to install refill stations.

As we planned to move to new premises in September 2020, we realised it was an opportunity to be even more eco-friendly! So, we conducted some market research and based on what our customers told us we decided to go all out on stocking plastic free, sustainable, zero waste and other environmentally friendly alternatives. Which was quite scary!

To make sure we were doing the right thing, we asked our customers to buy vouchers for sustainable goods that we wanted to sell in the future!

We set 3 targets, and the higher the target we hit, the higher the discount we decided to offer.

Customers were able to buy as many vouchers as they liked and we gave them 6 months to spend them.

We also made it clear that if we didn’t hit our target, we would not take any money.

At the end of the campaign, we had made almost £23k and replaced over 100,000 plastic or plastic wrapped items from our shelves.

By running this campaign, we hoped:
– to reduce waste and have a positive impact on the climate
– to answer customer demand for more ethical products (refills, vegan options)
– to prove that ethical business is good business

Stone Mini Market is a convenience store in Leytonstone, E11. They sell an extensive range of zero waste, fair trade, organic and vegan produce… and a lot of very good craft beers 🙂

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