Who Campaigns?


We see Our Pledge Campaigns as originating with 3 key groups:

Dissatisfied customers who want to encourage their favourite brands to do better

Disappointed that Five Guys only offer plastic straws? Awkward about taking another single-use plastic-covered sandwich from Pret? Eager to see more vegan options on offer at a local restaurant? Launch an Our Pledge campaign! We’ll help you target your campaign and test its value within the marketplace.

Employees with ideas for change but a need to demonstrate demand

Frustrated that your boss won’t listen to your ideas to make business more sustainable? Keen to demonstrate the value of your environmentally-minded business solutions, but being fobbed off? Launch an Our Pledge campaign! We’ll help you prove the demand for your concepts by working with you to do the necessary outreach - not only to confirm existing customer tastes but to engage a market-research group to hear from with more ideas for improvement!

Business owners who want to do market research into the allure of a potential ethically-motivated change

Are you a business owner who doesn’t know which direction to turn to make a more positive impact on the planet? Confused as to whether customers would prefer organic or locally grown produce? Launch an our Pledge Campaign! We’ll help you offer your customers a variety of options to chose from so you can see which offer suits them best. At the end of the campaign, you’ll have an engaged focus group that you can sit around the table with and discuss more opportunities.