Why Our Pledge?

Our Pledge is inspired and educated by many proven existing precedents. It is designed to succeed!

  1. Our Pledge offers a familiar mechanism to affect change through crowd-funding, a concept that has now become a household term.

  2. Our Pledge can connect you to your community at a time when localisation is more necessary than ever.

  3. Our Pledge is adaptable to any size business and any industry. It’s up to the user base as to who they target and for what goals.

  4. Our Pledge works with the system, not against it. It turns Capitalism into a tool or a weapon.

  5. Our Pledge uses digital technology to engage, reward and recognise the interests of its members. The website, app and newsletter will keep the conversation and reward of pledging going beyond a single campaign.

  6. Our Pledge allows and encourages its user to meet up in real life and continue the work done through the app and site.

  7. Our Pledge is fun, easy to use, effective and necessary.


Existing Precedents

Our Screen:

Our Pledge was inspired by the Our Screen model. Our Screen is the UK’s foremost on-demand cinema platform, revolutionising how customers interact with their local cinema by allowing anyone to crowd source their own cinema screenings.

Their model works in three easy steps (pick a film - decide where and when - share your screening). The screening takes place as long as a certain number of tickets are bought in advance. Our Pledge works in much the same way.

Kickstarter / IndieGoGo / GoFundMe:

Crowdfunding has become a household term. We’d wager almost everyone has been approached to contribute to a campaign launched on one of the above websites at some point in the last 5 years. The concept is familiar, proven and strong. These sites continue to thrive and enable small projects to find audiences, supporters and investors.

Nutmeg’s Socially Responsible Investing Portfolio:

The fact this option for investors exists in this accessible, consumer oriented digital wealth manager, is proof that people want to put their money where their heart is. This investment package offers users industry-leading data to give them a real understanding of what their money is doing. As they call it: socially responsible investing (SRI).


Regain is an app that allows you to turn your unwanted clothes into discount coupons. Simple, beautiful, rewarding for everyone.


New app Karma offers anyone the opportunity to source their dinner from the unsold food prepared by local restaurants, cafes and grocery stores at up to half the price! All they have to do then is pick it up as a takeaway and enjoy!


Actyvate is a nationwide Malaysian crowdfunding movement to engage, inspire and motivate youth to create national transformation, through creativity and innovation. Whether you want to create your own project or help bring someone else’s idea to life by making a pledge, they can help you with that.