Our Pledge is a crowd-funding platform that promotes and rewards eco-positive changes in businesses and brands.


** NB Our Pledge is currently in R&D so everything you read here is WORK IN PROGRESS :) Please send comments and feedback to rachael@ourpledge.co.uk **

What do you do when you can see that the world is in a mess? When it’s obvious that urgent social, political and environmental change is necessary… but you’re unsure where to start and uncertain that any sacrifice you make will have any effect.

Do you sign a petition? Leave some negative feedback? Dash off an angry tweet? Join a march?…

Well, we’ve all been there. And if this is your experience too, Our Pledge is for you.

The process is simple:

  1. Identify the change you want a business to make (reject plastic straws, source locally grown veg, offer a vegan option)

  2. Launch a campaign and request a target from the business at which they will change their behaviour

  3. Work with Our Pledge to persuade other customers to commit to spending money at that business IF the change is made

Once the target is met, the business receives your money and issues a voucher to your Our Pledge card* which you can spend at any time over the next 12 months. No sacrifices, more fun, better world.

We use crowd-funding technology to turn petitions into agreements. We convert dissatisfaction into loyalty whilst affecting positive change. We harness the passion of protest as valuable market research. We help you change the world without having to change yourselves.

*By the way, this is super cool. Visit this page to find out more about the magic in your Pledge card…



Find out about our mission, our methods, and how we determine what ‘good practice’ means for our users.


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