Introducing: The Sustainable Start-up

The Sustainable Start-up is a multi-tiered programme for Founders, entrepreneurs and business owners who are committed to building a sustainable business.

Learn at your own pace, sign up for monthly drop-ins or commit to regular coaching sessions: there are levels to suit however you prefer to learn.

This course offers a full manual to start-up business planning with planet in mind including:

        • An introduction to sustainable business and why it matters
          • Why do we need to be ‘sustainable’? Some facts and figures
          • Why we need you: your small business can make a difference
          • Sustainable Thinking: a mindset shift
        • Sustainability basics
          • Sustainability basics: carbon footprint
          • Sustainability Basics: circular economy
          • Sustainability Basics: plastic-free
          • Sustainability Basics: consumer trends
        • Making your business sustainable
          • Company structure
          • Where you work
          • The technology you use
          • Your travel
          • Products and packaging
          • Reducing waste
        • Keeping the (energy efficient) lights on
          • Basic cashflow and projections
          • Sourcing finance: loans
          • Sourcing finance: grants
          • Sourcing finance: investment
        • Beyond Sustainability: regeneration and giving back
          • Building a community
          • Establishing your wider purpose
          • Working with Nature (seasons and cycles)
          • What next: keeping committed