Networking like nature

or how the forgotten power of intuition can lead to the most meaningful connections - and even new clients

2021: a year of roses, buds and thorns

Twelve months pass in the blink of an eye and what’s to be shown for it…

OurPledge chats to Ajay Pabial from Art Clubbers about 2022’s Forest Fest

Plans are underfoot to create an exciting inaugural Forest Fest, coming in April 2022.

Want to save the world? Practice simple sustainable thinking

Sometimes sustainability can feel overwhelming, a never-ending, always evolving list of dos and don’ts seemingly requiring degrees in both science and philosophy to navigate. Here are 3 prompts to use to help you make wise decisions for the future of the planet.

Engaging with Policy-makers: Why, How and When?

Engaging with Policy-makers: Why, How and When? At OurPledge, we may pride ourselves on thinking forward, embracing innovation and technology, but on Saturday 6 November at the Annual Climate Action

Making Walthamstow Plastic Free: Event Report

On 8 April 2021, we spent a fantastic hour and a half in a practical session looking at how Walthamstow residents and businesses can work together to attain plastic free status from the Surfers Against Sewage plastic free communities initiative. Out of this event we produced the following report.