Walking the walk…

At OurPledge we love what we do, and seek to create consistent sustainable impactful transformation within our community and beyond. We have created our own pledges to ensure we are living our values, and being the change we want to see.

That’s why we’ve written our own series of pledges to outline what we believe makes a genuinely sustainable, regenerative business.

Our Pledges

  1. We pledge to minimise, reduce or ideally reverse our impact on the planet. By taking every opportunity to analyse our work within a sustainability (and where possible) regenerative mindset, we want to leave the world better than when we found it.
  2. We pledge to apply the principles of a triple bottom line approach to our business where people and planet matter as much as – or in fact more than – profit.
  3. We pledge to stand up for social and racial justice, ensuring our staffing and procurement processes are robustly equitable.
  4. We pledge transparency in our work, to ensure that all stakeholders can access information about how we enact these principles.
  5. We pledge to be active and responsive members of our individual and collective communities, participating, listening, learning and giving back both in the real world and online.

How are we walking the walk

  1. We only host campaigns that will positively impact the environment. We are currently focusing on plastic reduction but we will also accept campaigns that aim to reduce carbon, increase locally sourced produce, or – where useful – to offer organic options.
  2. We are in the process of setting OurPledge up as an official social enterprise
  3. We are using the B-Corp Impact Assessment tool to guide us towards B-Corp certification
  4. We are actively supporting the Better Business Act

How we work

  • Eco-systemic: to create sustainability we understand the importance of recognising and working within environmental and social eco-systems. By holding ourselves accountable and listening to the voices within them, we create a positive footprint in all we do.
  • Innovative: we are imaginative disruptors who innovate to deliver solutions that meet environmental and social challenges.
  • Conscientious: we are passionate and committed to working hard, and working smart to deliver measurable and meaningful solutions that address the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Empowering: we see empathy and acceptance as key tools to empowerment and positive evolution towards a sustainable economy. We believe everyone can make a difference, especially if we act together.
  • Celebratory: we believe there is a brighter future ahead. We enjoy the journey towards it, creating lasting relationships within our growing community and remembering to celebrate every win.