Who we are

Rachael Castell

Rachael is the Founder of OurPledge and acts as CEO. This role builds on 18 years of business development experience investigating the application of innovative technology to drive real-world community interactions. Having spearheaded digital projects for opera companies, arts institutions and cinemas, including the Europe-wide Creative Media funded project ‘Support Your Local Cinema’ she is now passionate about applying this understanding to bringing about positive, practical solutions to the climate crisis, meeting consumers where they are and offering empowerment and agency through accessible digital means.

Alis Cox

Alis is a Co-Founder of OurPledge and acts as Chief Operating Officer. Alis has a wealth of experience in building strong operational processes to enable businesses to be the best they can be. Previous positions on leadership teams and at board level mean Alis understands how to implement strategic vision while harnessing operational efficiency. Alis thrives on shaping overall strategy while managing teams and embedding a collaborative culture. Also passionate about sustainability and building community, Alis brings this knowledge to create lasting, sustainable impact locally, nationally and beyond!